Is Varnish in cloudControl ignoring the new Google Universal Analytics cookies ("_ga")?

So I'm trying to get Varnish "HITS" in a simple testing page made with Silex. The Response has the necessary headers for being cached, but it is not being cached. It seems to be because Google Analytics is installed.

Is there a way to tell Varnish (in cloudControl) to ignore the Google Analytics cookies?

View test site here: (MISS)

Update: without the Analytics code the cache HITS, so I'm thinking that maybe cloudControl is not ignoring the new Universal Analytics cookies ("_ga.")... can somebody from cloudControl confirm this?

View same site with NO GA code: (HIT)

And the same, with Classic GA code: (HIT)


Cloudcontrol routing tier (* is handling also GA universal cookies from today. Please have a look at simple examples:

What is interesting official varnish documentation suggests using the rule which will handle all types of GA cookies but will also strip other types of cookies as well if only they start with "_" which is not so cool.

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