Analytic snippet with Tag Manager

Hopefully this is a simple question. We currently use Universal analytics but have implemented Google tag manager and setup a Universal analytics tag to fire on all pages.

Do i need to remove the Universal analytics snippet from the website? I'm assuming the tag and snippet would produce duplicate data in my analytics account.


Yes, remove your hardcoded analytics snippet and use only the Google Tag manager.

to check this has all worked, goto realtime in analtyics and you should still be able to see visitors if the code is working as it should.


Go install the chrome extension "Google Tag Assistant":

That way you can see exactly what is going on with your install, if there are two instances of your tracking code it will tell you, and also flag any other errors.

Posted on by CavemanDan

I would say that yes you will track twice, but without seeing the JS source you are using, it's hard to say for sure. You can check to see if you are tracking twice by using something like Chrome developer tools and look in the network tab. You'll see your tracking requests there and can determine if you are sending multiple or single requests on a page load.

Posted on by Severun