FUSE python issues

I am trying to learn Fuse. First thing I did was to test helloFS.py located at /usr/share/doc/python­fuse/examples/. I installed FUSE from its source and python bindings from Fusepy. First I was getting this error ImportError: cannot import name Fuse. I changed it to FUSE. Now I am getting another error your fuse-py doesn't know of fuse.__version__, probably it's too old. I am not getting this. I also tried sudo apt-get install python-fuse. Did I install wrong libraries?How should I resolve this problem?


Check your python search path (sys.path), and make sure it's actually importing the correct fuse library. It's possible you're picking up an old version from somewhere.

Also note that fuse-python is not the same as fusepy.They have different APIs, so if you are writing to one API and including another, you'll have issues. I prefer fusepy, myself, but you should probably pick one and stick with it.

Posted on by aleatha