Getting X window id for GLUT program? or, How to remote control a GLUT program on X?

I want to send a keystroke to a GLUT program on X11, but I can't find there's an X11 client attached to the GLUT program.

I do this, using the most excellent demo program for the chipmunk 2d physics package:

xlsclients -a|sort >aa
chipmunk_demos  (in another window)
xlsclients -a|sort >bb
diff aa bb

and there's no difference.

My eventual hope is that I can control the GLUT program by sending key events with the equivalent of:

xdotool key --window 0x4000002 a

So my questions:

  1. how can I remote control a GLUT program running on linux/X11?
  2. Is there a way to get an X11 window id for a GLUT program?


Install xtrace, then:

In Terminal 1:

xtrace -d :0 -D :8 | grep CreateWindow

In Terminal 2:

DISPLAY=:8 chipmunk_demos

You should get a line with:

... CreateWindow depth=0x18 window=0x04a00002 ...

Update: xdotool actually contains powerful search functionality, which recent versions make even easier to use. It doesn't make sense to use xtrace like this, just use xdotool search instead

Posted on by Nathan Kidd