Alternate play / pause button for WordPress wpaudio soundmanager plugin

I am using the wpaudio plugin to convert mp3 links into a javascript/flash audio player. My problem is that I use this plugin in two areas on my site: one on a black background, and one on a white background. I need to use an alternate set of play/pause buttons for each page (white buttons for the black background and vice versa). I am at a total loss on how to do this.

I need to some how incorporate a "if page is..." statement into the wpaudio.js but I don't know how to do this with jQuery.

Here is the code in the plugin i think i need to alter:

jQuery(this).prepend('<img id="wpa' + wpa_id + '_play" class="wpa_play" src="' + wpa_url + '/wpa_play.gif">');


function wpaButtonCheck() {
	if (!this.playState || this.paused)
		jQuery('#' + this.sID + '_play').attr('src', wpa_url + '/wpa_play.gif');
		jQuery('#' + this.sID + '_play').attr('src', wpa_url + '/wpa_pause.gif');

the plugin adds the element to the DOM in the following format:

<img src="" class="wpa_play" id="wpa0_play">