How to test a cluster of microservices?

I took a look into Server Spec and it says it clearly:

Remark: serverspec test suites are meant to be run against a single machine (or docker container). In other words, you should not try to issue a single rspec command that would harvest and run tests against multiple machines or containers. You need to issue one rspec command for each of them.

So I can do test per-server, which is good for some cases. But the problem is the following: my microservice architecture has a auto-discovery service, so some services are known after querying it. Is there any project to express this? I know I can tool around with ruby (or python if I choose testinfra or other)

Something integrates with Consul with serverspec or similar will be great, in 2014 people were looking for this, does anyone know of any project that tackled this issue?