How to update a file using PyGithub?

I want to know which method should I call (and on which object) and how to call that method (required parameters and their meanings).


As of 2021, the PyGithub API has changed and there's an example of how to do this:

repo = g.get_repo("PyGithub/PyGithub")
contents = repo.get_contents("test.txt", ref="test")
repo.update_file(contents.path, "more tests", "more tests", contents.sha, branch="test")
# {'commit': Commit(sha="b06e05400afd6baee13fff74e38553d135dca7dc"), 'content': ContentFile(path="test.txt")}

For .update_file, the first string is the message, the second string is the new contents of the file. Here's the API description:

update_file(path, message, content, sha, branch=NotSet, committer=NotSet, author=NotSet)
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import github

g = github.Github(token)
# or  g = github.Github(login, password)

repo = g.get_user().get_repo("repo_name")
file = repo.get_file_contents("/your_file.txt")

# update
repo.update_file("/your_file.txt", "your_commit_message", "your_new_file_content", file.sha)

If you are using token then you should have at least *repo* scope of your token to do it.

See: and

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