Indent settings for atom-beautify with uncrustify for C/C++?

Where can the indent settings (tab width) be set for uncrustify run by the Atom package atom-beautify (on Windows)? While the package settings offer to specify a path for an uncrustify config file (separately for C and C++), I can't figure out where the default settings come from.


The package directory is

  • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\.atom\packages\atom-beautify\src\beautifiers\uncrustify

Uncrustify is run via, resulting in arguments like:


If no path is configured in settings, it generates a temporary config via It may just look like

indent_with_tabs = 0
output_tab_size = 2
input_tab_size = 2

This may not be enough for uncrustify to modify the source as intended. I am not sure from where these settings originate (Atom Editor Settings?). So I just modified default.cfg in the package directory (reduce tab width to 4, spaces for tabs -- not sure which parameter did it), added that to the settings, et voila...

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