Visual Studio Code extension settings

Got myself Visual Studio Code. I've installed a Uncrustify extension to make my files be formatted when I edit them. I wanted to make it format my files on save, but I cannot open like Options menu for this extension or something like that. The author gives this screenshot:

enter image description here

But I cannot reach that menu. When I click on this little gear circle near the extension under the Extensions tab, it just pops up a menu with: Disable (Workspace), Disable (Always), Uninstall. I can only edit 4 things, like my .cfg file path under Ctrl+Comma settings, but that's not what I am searching for, and it's not what is on this screen provided by author

I guess I am not only asking about this particular extension, but generally for extension settings in this editor.


Many ways mentioned here in an issue created available on VSCode repository: Allow to change settings from Extensions editor.

On Windows, I could be able to change settings by going to:

File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Extensions.

Posted on by Mohammed AlBanna