google analytics event form submission

I’ve done a lot of searching for this on StackOverflow and Google in general, and I’m surprised there isn’t an easier way to implement what we’re trying to do.

We are trying to set up a simple form conversion event to help us identify which sessions coming from different ads we are running are actually converting. We have the GA UTM codes set up correctly. We are using analytics.js (the newer Universal Google Analytics implementation) and Google Tag Manager, and we’re not using any other marketing software or analytics suite at this time.

Also, we do not have a “success page” (no success-event URL to tell Google to look for). Instead, when the form is correctly submitted, we make an Ajax request to accept the invitation, and Javascript displays a quick success message on the same page/URL.

It seems there needs to be three main parts to getting this information:

  1. Set up Google Tag Manager and Analytics with event tracking to log clicks on our “Submit” button on our registration form
  2. Set up a goal with Acquisition > Create Account and link it to our event tag
  3. Set up an Event Flow view in Analytics to track sessions based on UTM code to verify which ads are eventually reaching the goal

We're firing the event in the success callback of an Ajax call to create a new account:

ga('send', 'event', 'sign-ups', 'submit', 'new-account’);

It’s still not working. Any ideas what we might be missing?

Since it may be asked to see how we’ve configured things, I’ve taken a few screenshots. Thanks.

Summary of Workspace Changes:

[Our Tag Configuration][4]

[Our Trigger Configuration][5] [4]: [5]: