How to use uncrustify with atom-beautify?

I've been looking at the atom-beautify site and example .jsbeauifyrc, .editorconfig, and uncrustify.cgf files.

I've also reviewed the options for atom-beautify. I know I'm supposed to specify where the config file is located in the atom-beautify settings. I've tried putting a .jsbeautifyrc file, an uncrustify.cfg file, and both files in the same directory I specify in the atom-beautify settings. It doesn't have any effect. The default settings are used. I'd like to make some old C++ code look more uniform for my current project and future projects my group is working on.

  • Which file am I supposed to use?
  • What must I include in each file?
  • Where should this/these file(s) be located?
  • How do I specify the path?
  • Are there any other changes I need to make that I'm not aware of?

To sum up, I want to use uncrustify from within the Atom editor (using the atom-beautify package) to make my C++ code look nice.


  • Make sure uncrustify is installed on your computer, and accessible from CLI
  • In the settings for atom-beautify, go under the C++ section and type uncrustify.cfg as a Config Path
  • Place the config file name uncrustify.cfg in the root folder
  • Try beautifying your code, it should be using your config file now
Posted on by kartsims

you have to add PathVariable of uncrustify.exe (From Source AtomBeatify : ) on your system , when you upload you code to Atom click on ALT+CTRL+B it will beautify you Code .

Posted on by soufiane ELAMMARI