How to push local files to github using python? (or post a commit via Python)

What options are there for commiting and pushing files to github from python?

Here are three methods I thought should be feasible so attempted in order:

  1. Use pygithub: (Github's python API) to send push requests to my repository. Failed because I can find no push functions in the API. I can see edit files, but that doesn't help when I plan on replacing the file often.

  2. Use git push in command line from a python subprocess (HTTPS): This almost works, but I cannot figure out how to fill in the user and password fields required. Attempt:

    import subprocess
    from pexpect import popen_spawn
    user = 'GithubUsername'
    password = '***********'
    cmd = "cd C:\\Users\Dropbox\git-test"
    returned_value =, shell=True)  # returns the exit code in unix
    cmd = "git add .", shell=True)
    cmd = 'git commit -m "python project update"', shell=True)
    cmd = "git remote set-url origin", shell=True)
    cmd = "git push "
    child_process = popen_spawn.PopenSpawn(cmd)
    print('returned value:', returned_value)
    print('end of commands')`
  3. Use git push in command line from a python subprocess (SSH): The problem I had here is that I cannot find a way to create a ssh agent in the windows command prompt. I have been able to create one in the MINGW64 terminal easily enough via this tutorial , but have no way of interacting with it via Python.


A very similar question who's code I was able to modify to make multiple file pushes to github via python:

import base64
from github import Github
from github import InputGitTreeElement

user = "GithubUsername"
password = "*********"
g = Github(user,password)
repo = g.get_user().get_repo('git-test') # repo name
file_list = [
file_names = [
commit_message = 'python commit'
master_ref = repo.get_git_ref('heads/master')
master_sha = master_ref.object.sha
base_tree = repo.get_git_tree(master_sha)

element_list = list()
for i, entry in enumerate(file_list):
    with open(entry) as input_file:
        data =
    if entry.endswith('.png'): # images must be encoded
        data = base64.b64encode(data)
    element = InputGitTreeElement(file_names[i], '100644', 'blob', data)

tree = repo.create_git_tree(element_list, base_tree)
parent = repo.get_git_commit(master_sha)
commit = repo.create_git_commit(commit_message, tree, [parent])
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