Sending payload in POST request in Vegeta with custom attacker

So I've seen several posts saying you're supposed to put the targets in a temp file and the body in a .json file, but I need to send lots of random data to my site, and ideally I don't want to be constantly writing new random data to these files --so I'd like to do it all in one file. If this is just impossible and I have to use multiple files, please let me know.

All I'm trying to do right now is send a POST request to a webpage that is simply a form with 4 inputs: title, number, volume, and year. I have the following code, but right now it's not sending values. It's sending a payload, but one that has no values. Meaning that a key [] and value "" keep getting stored in my map on the backend. Can anyone see the reason it's sending blanks? Could anyone tell me how I should go about fixing it?

package main

import (

	vegeta ""

func NewCustomTargeter() vegeta.Targeter {
	return func(tgt *vegeta.Target) error {
		if tgt == nil {
			return vegeta.ErrNilTarget

		tgt.Method = "POST"

		tgt.URL = "http://localhost:8080/create.html"

		payload := map[string]string{
			"title":  "junk",
			"number": "junk2",
			"volume": "junk3",
			"year":   "junk4",
		body, _ := json.Marshal(payload)
		tgt.Body = []byte(body)
		return nil

func main() {
	rate := vegeta.Rate{Freq: 100, Per: 2 * time.Second}
	duration := 10 * time.Second
	targeter := NewCustomTargeter()
	attacker := vegeta.NewAttacker()
	var metrics vegeta.Metrics
	for res := range attacker.Attack(targeter, rate, duration, "Load Test") {
	fmt.Printf("%+v  \n", metrics)