Shell script exporting Hadoop library classpath does not working

I am trying to develop Python client which interacts with Hadoop file system 3.3 using pyarrow package. My OS is CentOS 8 and IDE is Eclipse pydev. The sample code is simple.

from pyarrow import fs 
hdfs = fs.HadoopFileSystem('localhost', 9000)

But the prerequisite command has to be executed for the successful python codes running. The command is

# export CLASSPATH=`$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hdfs classpath --glob`

Whenever I run Eclipse IDE, I have to execute the above export CLASSPATH command before Eclipse. To prevent this inconvenience and to automate the IDE configuration, I make the shell script file like below,

#! /bin/bash

export CLASSPATH=$(/usr/local/hadoop/bin/hdfs classpath --glob)

When I execute this script, output messages from shell script are correct. But when I execute the Eclipse on the next line, the above pyarrow Python codes do not work successfully. I have no idea of this failure.

When I execute the export CLASSPATH command on the shell itself, the Python codes on Eclipse work correctly. But when I execute shell script, the Eclipse Python codes throws errors.


I enter the [Run Configurations] menu and choose [Environment] tab. I click [Add] and input the below values onto [New Environment Variable] Dialog.

Value : $(/usr/local/hadoop/bin/hdfs classpath --glob)

But my configuration is not correct, the same errors are still brought again.

I attach the image of my IDE configuration.

enter image description here


As mentioned in comments, in eclipe's "Run Configurations" menu, you need to add en environment variable entry for called CLASSPATH.

The value must be whatever the shell returns when you run this command:

 /usr/local/hadoop/bin/hdfs classpath --glob

Don't try to put $(/usr/local/hadoop/bin/hdfs classpath --glob), it will be interpreted as a string an won't work.

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