PIP not able to install dependencies

I have built and published a package to pypi using poetry build, and have also specified dependencies which it uses inside pyproject.toml

python = "^3.6"
PyGithub = "1.54.1"
colorama = "0.4.4"
PyInquirer = "1.0.3"

However when I install and run this package on a computer without those installed, I get this error

ERROR: Could not find version that satisfies the requirement PyGithub==1.54.1 (from <my_package_name_here) (from versions: none)

ERROR: No matching distribution found for PyGithub==1.54.1 (from <my_package_name_here)

How can I make pip install those automatically whenever someone installs my package using pip install package? Or is it not possible? This looks like it's trying to install them but can't find them?