problemin connecting apache superset running inside docker container to Kylin

I have a running apache-superset inside a docker container that i want to connect to a running apache-kylin (Not inside docker ). I am recieving the following error whenever i test connection with this alchemy URI : 'kylin://[email protected]@local:7070/test ': [SupersetError(message='(builtins.NoneType) None\n(Background on this error at:', error_type=<SupersetErrorType.GENERIC_DB_ENGINE_ERROR: 'GENERIC_DB_ENGINE_ERROR'>, level=<ErrorLevel.ERROR: 'error'>, extra={'engine_name': 'Apache Kylin', 'issue_codes': [{'code': 1002, 'message': 'Issue 1002 - The database returned an unexpected error.'}]})] "POST /api/v1/database/test_connection HTTP/1.1" 422 - superset_app | 2021-07-02 18:44:17,224:INFO:werkzeug: - - [02/Jul/2021 18:44:17] "POST /api/v1/database/test_connection HTTP/1.1" 422 -