Problem loading pre-built library via Android NDK

I am attempting to add a third-party library to my Android app. It utilizes a .jar file and a .so file. This is a pre-built .so file (i.e. not built specifically for the Android app) - which I know will provide me with plenty of problems down the road. I do NOT have access to the source files for the .jar or .so files!

I am attempting to dynamically load the library via a call to System.loadLibrary("foo");. Currently, when attempting to run the app, it crashes with the UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library foo not found. I have the .so file in both the libs/ and the libs/armeabi file in my project.

Am I chasing after a ghost here? I am trying to determine if what I'm after is even feasible. I have no native code that I'm referencing - all my function calls are to the .jar file that is, as I understand it, backed by the .so file. I have not run the file as I'm not compiling anything - the .so file is already provided. I could really use some advice as to what direction to proceed from here.